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Multiple Pathways and Support Services

helping students overcome barriers to success

The Multiple Pathways and Support Services Department encompasses a broad range of support programs and activities which play an integral part in the school district's efforts to provide optimal educational experiences for every student. The primary purpose of our department is to eliminate barriers to wholesome school adjustment and assist school personnel and parents in developing the maximum potential of all students according to individual needs and ability. While all students benefit to some extent from Student Services' programs, the primary focus is directed toward assisting those students who exhibit problems traceable to social, emotional, physical, and developmental conditions which impede the learning process.

Dr. Pamela Davis, Executive Director
Multiple Pathways and Support Services

Gloria R. Lockley, Director
Multiple Pathways and Support Services

Mark Ertel, Principal
Duval Virtual Instruction Academy

JoAnn Jarvis, Supervisor
Health Services

Ed Robinson, Principal
Youth Development Programs

Tanya Watts, Lead Teacher
Teen Parent Services Program

Regan Copeland, Coordinator
Dropout Prevention


We are extremely excited to offer a new opportunity for students who are two or more years over-age. The Bridge to Success Program addresses all of the barriers to graduation through a comprehensive approach. By leveraging national, state, and local partners, Duval County Public Schools has developed a program that will provide individualized support to help students graduate on time and ready to fulfill college and career goals.

The Bridge to Success Program includes our current over-age school sites located at the Bridge of Northeast Florida and JWJ-ACT Center as central hubs, with additional sites located within neighborhood school. This allows eligible students to continue to attend school and participate in the extracurricular activities at their neighborhood school, while still receiving the support needed to get back on track. Supports include:

  • Rigorous face-to-face instruction with a focus on ACT/SAT preparation
  • Student advocates and mentors
  • Positive behavior supports and interventions
  • Support for attendance
  • Parent involvement activities
  • Structured after-school programs, including extracurricular activities, career exploration and internship opportunities

Program eligibility:

  1. 2 or more years overage and/or 1 or more retentions
  2. Priority given to students in the schools housing the programs
  3. Seniors admitted on a limited basis

Programs are located in area schools, with transportation provided in zoned areas for the designated schools, with routes established for central hubs.

High Schools
Central hub at the Bridge of NE Florida, with 7 satellite sites located at:

  • Westside High School
  • Jackson
  • Raines
  • Randolph
  • Ribault
  • White
  • Wolfson

Middle Schools
Central hub at James Weldon Johnson Academic & Career Training Center, with 4 satellite sites located at:

  • Arlington
  • Gilbert
  • Northwestern

    To apply for the Middle School Bridge to Success, print out and complete our online application and bring or mail it to us at 1840 West 9th St., Jacksonville, Fl 32209. 
    You can also fax it to us at (904) 630-6653 or email it to
    To apply for the High School Bridge to Success, print out and complete our online application and bring or mail it to us at
    1824 N. Pearl St., Jacksonville, Fl 32206. 
    You can also fax it to us at (904) 359-2637 or email it to

    For questions or additional information, please contact us at 904-520-7640 for High School and (904) 630-6640 for Middle School or email us at