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 Homework & Study General Guidelines:

9th grade = 90 minutes/night
10th grade = 100 minutes/night
11th grade = 110 minutes/night
12th grade = 2 hours (120 m)/night

This sounds like a lot of time, but if you divide the time between 4 or 8 classes/night, the time will go quickly! If the student does not have homework, the student should read, study each subject’s notes, make and study flashcards, and/or get on one of the many websites our district provides for students to use any time (see side bar).



All students will graduate with an appreciation for life-long learning, prepared to enter the work force and/or pursue higher education.



Provide all students with the tools and skills needed to realize their greatest potential by offering high quality academic and career-technical education and supporting the development of our students’ work ethic, personal responsibility, and respect for others.

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